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Economic Feasibility of Rooftop Solar From C&I Consumers-I

Auroville Consulting hosted an online training session for C&I consumers in Tamil Nadu to learn how to use the Solsavi application for their rooftop solar needs. This training session will help participants with the basic skills and tools to undertake an initial assessment of potential rooftop solar installation. The assessment helps the user in making an informed investment decision on a rooftop solar system. The tool also facilitates an option to select and incorporate battery storage in the analysis

Economic Feasibility of Rooftop Solar From C&I Consumers-II

As a part of the Sustainable Energy Transformation Tamil Nadu (SET-TN) Auroville Consulting developed an online solar calculator tool called Solsavi. Solsavi utilizes the latest state-specific solar policies and solar metering mechanisms to propose a rooftop solar system with or without battery energy storage, according to the user’s priority. 

The tool provides an initial assessment for the rooftop solar installation and offers insights on economic parameters such as payback period, return on investment and annual potential savings

Ideas to Improve TANGEDCO's Financial Situation | WRI, MCCI, AVC

A webinar organised by Auroville Consulting, December 2020.Ideas to improve TANGEDCO’s Financial Situation – Subsidies, Profitability, Improvement Levers and New Tariff Design.  We thank WRI (The World Resources Institute), MCCI (The Madras Chamber of Commerce & Industry) for their support. 

Assessing the Techno Commercial Impact of Distributed Solar Energy Generation in Tamil Nadu

Auroville Consulting hosted a webinar on ‘Assessing the Techno-commercial Impacts of Distributed Solar Energy Generation: A Case Study for Tamil Nadu’. This webinar discussed the discussed what are the implications of high level of solar energy penetration in a country like India, especially in Tamil Nadu.

Solar Skill Development and Capacity Building in Tamil Nadu

Auroville Consulting hosted a webinar on ‘Solar Skill Development and Capacity Building in Tamil Nadu: An Assessment of Government of India programs’ SET is a collaborative initiative by Auroville Consulting (AVC), Citizen Consumer and civic Action Group (CAG), the World Resources Institute India (WRI).

Pathways of Decarbonization: Modelling Tamil Nadu's Power Sector Decarbonisation

Tamil Nadu’s electricity demand is expected to increase year on year, and so are the sector’s absolute carbon dioxide emissions. In this session, Aurovile Consulting covers the following: 

1) Projecting the electricity generation for the upcoming years along with the corresponding emissions. 

2) Setting targets for the emissions based on the Science Based Targets (SBT). 

3) Comparing various scenario planning models for decarbonising the electricity sector of Tamil Nadu. 

Refer Solsavi to people planning to adapt rooftop solar

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