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About Solsavi 


Welcome to Solsavi, a  platform that connects rooftop solar installers with future rooftop solar owners. 


Our comprehensive rooftop solar calculator empowers you to make informed decisions by conducting a detailed 25-year financial analysis with or without battery storage. Our tool ensures you gain invaluable insights into the long-term financial feasibility of your rooftop solar project.


Finding trusted solar installers and financiers/ lenders will be a few clicks away. You can choose from multiple solar installers and explore financing options from listed lenders, banks, and NBFCs, all conveniently accessible on Solsavi.


Schedule a visit easily and connect with trusted solar installers for your rooftop solar journey – from choosing to maintaining your solar system.


At Solsavi, our objective is to accelerate the growth of rooftop solar in India and promote the transition to renewable energy-based electricity generation in order to tackle the challenge of global warming and climate change.




Our objective is to create a comprehensive marketplace for rooftop solar, bringing all essential services for rooftop solar under one platform. We aim to provide easy access to a rooftop solar calculator, a filtered list of trusted solar installers, reliable financiers, and a convenient scheduling system for site visits. 


Our platform will empower consumers and businesses to make informed decisions, streamline their rooftop solar journey, and contribute to a greener and more sustainable future. Together, we can drive widespread adoption of rooftop solar and accelerate the transition towards renewable energy solutions.

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